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Glass container manufacturing quality is the result of stringent process control in place and in compliance with both customer and industry standard.
Jg endeavours to build quality into the product and this culture is the reason the customer places it’s trust with the company.

Our quality culture reaches all levels of people within our organisation with continuous improvement in state of art work methods and technology. Manufacturing defects are detected and rejected by optical and mechanical inspection machines. Inspection machines are linked to manufacturing machines that initiates both corrective and preventive actions for defect elimination.


Quality control personnel have significant amount of responsibility in ensuring strict compliance with procedures that requires active involvement and concentration at all times. The trust our clients have with us is based on our promise that we work together to achieve respective stakeholder obligations towards customers, consumers, regulatory bodies and society at large.

These requirements are reasons why our auditors check for quality compliance in accordance with international standards and simultaneously working in partnership with production teams to ensure no compromising situations in achieving quality product and service.